Benefits of Fetishes in Long Term Relationships

Any sexual fixation on a non-genital part of the body or nonliving object is considered to be sexual fetishism and is perfectly normal. Once you build a long term relationship, it becomes necessary to know and appreciate your partner’s and your own sexual fetishes. Here are four reasons why sexual fetishes are important in a long term relationship:

1. Sexual fetishes serve to spice up the relationship

It is important to note that your partner wouldn’t reach the climax unless the preferred fetish is thrown into the mix. Hence, to your partner, permitting a sexual fetish is very much like applying the last smear of jam on bread, everything goes smoothly thereafter. Recognizing your partner’s sexual fetishes and being open about yours creates an environment of understanding and takes your long relationship to the next level.

2. Fetishes build trust, the cornerstone of any relationship

Fetishes are often seen as embarrassing. Therefore, most people would sweep them under the carpet to avoid being seen as “weird.” When a relationship reaches a point of laying bare your inner self, however, it can be interpreted as being built on trust. Sexual fetishes could mean you’ve nothing to hide from your partner, and that speaks a lot about your general trustworthiness.

3. Communication is fostered through fetishes

You need excellent communications skills to have a great sexual experience, more so when you’re exploring a more radical sexual experience. Communicating your fetishes to your partner and creating an understanding of the whole issue requires outstanding communication skills. If you successfully do so, there is a strong chance the relationship will stand the rough waters of time, thanks to the presence of communication.

4. Fetishes create confidence and the feeling of belonging to a “community.”

Few things are as exciting as realizing that your life partner shares the piece of your exiled self – it is incredibly empowering. It is the confidence that oils the wheels of long relationship’s chariot because you know you’re wholly accepted by your partner complete with your darkest edges.

Sexual fetishes have numerous benefits to your health as well while you’re in the long term relationship. But most important of all, your relationship gets stronger when you and your partner get to express your inner self. Agree with yourself and your partner that during your experimentation time, you will not give energy to stigmas, that you will determine what is right and wrong for you independently of society or well-wishing family members. Who knows, at the end of it all you may find that what stimulates you is actually breaking the rules and feeling like you’re bad.

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